Rickís first contact with firefighting was in his hometown of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania.  On his 18th birthday, Rick became a member of the Reynoldsville Volunteer Fire Department.  Even while traveling on the road with various bands, Rick still found time for firefighting, eventually rising to the rank of Assistant Chief before moving out of town.  Rick also became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), working with Reynoldsville and DuBois ambulance services.

In the mid-80s, Rick joined Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department, north of Houston, Texas.  This busy department offered more training and experience.  While there, Rick became a qualified engine driver/operator.  After four years there, a job promotion meant a move, and Rick joined the Community Volunteer Fire Department in southwest Houston.  There, in addition to operating pumpers, Rick rose to the rank of station lieutenant.  Rick also worked on his instructing skills, joining the Brazoria-Ft. Bend Counties Instructors Association.  

Both Houston area departments afforded many opportunities for Rick to train and even instruct at the world-famous Texas A&M fire school.  Rick also attended the Houston Community College Fire Academy, becoming a state-certified municipal firefighter.

When another job move took Rick to Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Rick joined Southmont Volunteer Fire Company, rising quickly in rank to Deputy Chief.  At that rank, he was also the training officer for the department.  Still an EMT, Rick joined the local ambulance service, based out of neighboring Westmont Volunteer Fire Department.  Rick and Karyn moved to Westmont for a year, and Rick became involved with Westmontís fire operations, becoming an aerial ladder driver/operator and briefly a truck lieutenant.

Rick and Karyn soon moved back to Southmont, but Rick retained his affiliation with both fire departments and the EMS service.  During the Pennsylvania years, Rick attended many courses at the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.

Most recently, while working in Georgia, Rick has been working with the Roswell Fire Department, a combination department (part paid, part volunteer/paid-per-call).  He has recently been promoted to fire apparatus operator (engines and trucks) and is assigned to the Roswell-Alpharetta Public Safety Training Center.  

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